Our path towards sustainability

I’m proud to present our first sustainability report, but I’m also aware of the responsibility it brings. The report is not an endpoint. Instead, it’s meant to be a signpost within a bigger journey.

We began by asking what ‘sustainably produced’ means to us.  The answer is clear.  To us, sustainably produced means everything we do must leave the planet in a better condition than when we found it, so future generations can have the same privileges from nature as we do.

As custodians for the children of the future and in my role as General Manager, I am in a great position. I’m able to ensure our business is sustainable and that our progress in caring for the planet is relentless, focused and whenever possible, fun.  This attitude is the norm at Forrest.  

When we come up against a problem, we do what it takes to address it. For instance, we got sick of good wine going bad because of cork taint.  So we banded together with other industry folks to revolutionise the whole industry by setting a new standard for screwcap wine. Now Aotearoa is leading the world in change.

We got sick of the alcohol in wine slowing us down. So, we developed the world's first full-flavoured, naturally produced lower alcohol Pinot Noir.  Now, we have a whole range of varieties under The Doctors’ label, and there’s a new segment blossoming.

Finally, we’re tired of our industry putting too much pressure on the planet, and wishy-washy talk that doesn’t change much.  So, we’re finding a way to do the best for the land. We're ready for the challenges that bring. In the same way we always do, we’re going to let sound research, brave innovation and our clear vision for a better future be our guide. 

Thank you for joining us and cheers to you.